Today’s motorcyclist has access to every different kind of speciality design motorcycle with refinements for power, handling and style. Whether an enduro, scrambler or adventure is on the favorites list, there dozens of factory models that are street legal and very capable of heading off the asphalt to navigate the trails.

Whether hitting local single track on a converted bike, rolling a factory dual sport for some commuting and weekend dirt road fun or covering the gravel and two-track between camps on an adventure bike, there are thousands of miles of dirt routes on the maps for motorized enjoyment.

Routes are the most valuable part of off road motorcycling. Without a wide variety of routes to choose from, the experience is limited and doesn’t offer the kind of reward that a new vista, valley or mountain view does, after a committed ride out to that point.

The known legal routes are designated in the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) for each National Forest and the maps are available at the regional offices of each Forest.

There are also miles of trail that have yet to be added to the maps and those routes need the support of this riding community in order to get their legal designation.Stay tuned to the forums and discussion groups linked below, to stay in the loop about land use developments, joining a ride, volunteer opportunities and committee positions/activities.


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