Class II: Rock Crawlers

We are the 'Extreme' 4X4 enthusiasts of Class II Recreation in Central Oregon. Imagine climbing steep and challenging terrain, like boulders the size of cars. Mix that with the power, sounds, and maneuverability of heavily modified 4X4's, and now you know rock crawling.

We enjoy weekend trail wheeling, to extreme rock crawling competitions, and everything in between. Whether it's snow, dirt, or mud, we love a challenge. Working together with land management such as the Forest Service, BLM, and COHVOPS administrators, as well as fellow OHV enthusiasts of all classes - it is our goal to create new trails in our region and keep existing ones open. 

Together we share one 'Big Voice' to promote a positive awareness in our community for OHV use through volunteer efforts and are helping provide longevity for years to come. If you are looking for an energetic group to check out the trails Central Oregon has to offer or looking to join our voice for OHV opportunity, contact us at our Facebook page: 


Graeme Tydeman, Board Member, Rock Crawler


Central Oregon Rock Crawlers (CORC)